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Arabidopsis 2010

NSF Award: #0822393
Functional Genomics of NBS-LRR Mediated Resistance (2009-2012)

NSF Award: #0211923
Comparative Analyses of Resistance Gene Evolution(2002-2008)

NSF Award: #9975971
Functional and Comparative Genomics of Disease Resistance Gene Homologs (1999-2004)
Research Overview

Plants have developed sophisticated systems to recognize many proteins secreted into the plant cell by bacterial pathogens. Recognition of these effector molecules and subsequent defense induction involve several plant proteins and is often accompanied by rapid cell death ?the hypersensitive response (HR). In order to understand the co-evolution of bacterial effectors and plant disease resistance R-genes, we are conducting parallel studies of phenotypic and genetic diversity in the reaction between bacterial pathogens and multiple crop species.
Research Presentation

Present in this presentation:
Data Analysis
Summary of results
Segregation Analysis
Access Database

Data for plants and bacterial effectors
Data for reaction of plants to bacterial effectors
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